Our commitment and passion is to distribute our product around the world. This is not accomplished by simply having a good product that works, but we must also have excellent service and a dedicated staff committed to the support of our distributors and customers. Our plans are ongoing for increased production of this wonderful product. Even though our product is currently effective, we are always looking for refinements and improvements.

As a growing company we know that these elements are critical for growth. New distributors, please join us in the marketing of this innovative product. New customers, we thank you and encourage you to continue to use our product, for the better service of our customers, please refer to the distributor page on our website to see if there is a distributor in your area that we can better serve you.

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In today's world, everyone understands the need for a safe and sanitary environment in their public restrooms. The public is especially appreciative given their increasing fear of the spread of diseases and the embrassment of splashes. The following are some of our customers currently using anti-splash products in their facilities:

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