Anti Splash International is dedicated to producing and distributing these innovative urinal products: 6"x9" and 8"x12" Back guards and 6" drain cover, all of which minimize urinal splash back onto the floor, walls, and user. Using fused synthetic fibers, droplets are broken up on contact, controlling splash back.
It really works!
We offer three standard colors, (red, blue, and brown). Other colors, company logos, and artwork can be produced at an additional charge.
Universal in its appeal, wherever there are urinals, customers and maintenance staffs will appreciate this product. It also addresses a very important problem in today's world of international travel by limiting blood borne pathogens found in urine.

Life Span: Both Backguard and Draincover should be replaced about every 2 weeks on average, depending on traffic. So, for less than 35 cents per day per urinal, you can make a drier, more sanitary difference to your customers, restrooms, and the environment!

Go ahead, compare for yourself!

Deodorizes the restroom
Prevents debris from clogging urinal drains
Prevents the spread of bodily fluids
Controls the spread of public health organisms
Leaves a positive impression in the minds of guests
Prevents splash back of urine onto clothing
Maintains healthier environment for guests and staff
Minimizes tile discoloration, corrosion and paint damage
Reduces time cleaning urinals while keeping floors dry

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In today's world, everyone understands the need for a safe and sanitary environment in their public restrooms. The public is especially appreciative given their increasing fear of the spread of diseases and the embrassment of splashes. The following are some of our customers currently using anti-splash products in their facilities:

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